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Underwater Treasure Discoveries Bank on Quito not Cartagena FIX University Study


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Things taken into account:

-Military budget

-Active soldiers

-Army strength

-Air Force strength

-Naval strength

-Nuclear strength

-Active conflicts


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  • Russia has 10 times less military budget compare with USA and can destroy USA and whole the world few times.. Whats for expensive military costs?? against african natives? xD

  • Please, think a little. Budget is the most important thing for an army. Of course, it always go with good training, but you'll have more vehicules, more infantry equipements (like FELIN system), complete live view of any point of the globe (only US & France have it), more available air strikes, more jets, tanks, cars, helicopters, advanced technologies and most sophisticated vehicules, military innovations in industry, and thousand more.

    But having the nuclear nuke is the most dissuasive today.

  • you know that military budget is nothing compare with efficiency

  • Agreed! with old soviet crap Russia can take only small country like Georgia in 5 days. But wellequipped NATOs armies with huge military budgets and help from Russia cant take the Greatest Afganistan the last 10 years.

  • "The small groups of Vikings that settled there adopted the language, religion and culture of the French majority. After a generation or two, the Normans were indistinguishable from the French".

    Encyclopaedia Britannica

    The Normans "post-vikings" were French when they conquered Britain. Britain is a former Norman, so French colony.

    UK was the most powerful powerful on naval, but the Grande Armée of Napoléon was the best at that time.

    I have nothing against UK, not like all the haters here !

  • lol chat shit

  • You are right, but Britain is not a French Colony, although it was conquered by the Normans in 1066, they eventually became so diverse (Normandy and Britain) that two completely different cultures came to be. Also a lot of Napoléon's downfall was due to his failed conquest of Russia in 1812. And at the time of Napoleon, The UK was still the strongest nation in terms of Naval Power, which was the main benefactor of our once great empire. Read up on the facts before you make statements.

  • "france not even went into germany"

    This is actually false (see Saar Offensive).

    But as an amerifat you can't know it I guess...

  • IT IS TRUE! france always won the wars. yes, yes, yes.!! remeber the glorious days like 1940 as france declared war on germany? BUT. France did not took germany. france not even went into germany. se german wolfs fucked you up and france was crying for help. ah yes. the brits and the americans came for aid. why there are trees on the champs elysee avenue in paris?? that se germans can march in shadow. nice very old joke.

  • remember Germany ????? 1940??? and 1914???

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